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I’ve been busy for several months while I tried to setup my working life in conjunction with NoDelay personal project. Infact the NoDelay project is totally “home made” and realized on my sparse time. So is very difficult for me to be focused on main goal of the project.

Therefore, a few weeks ago I started to study Objective-C and Apple’s iOS 4 topics.

Yes I know, I’m a bit late, but I was involved on others topics that can be embedded on iOS bigger and more important topic.

So as long as I learn new things, the main project can be more interesting as well for me and , hope, for you.

So interface design, iOS frameworks and ObjC in conjunction with Unity3D and Ogre3D will be my next girlfriend for the next few months as long as I become fluent on its.

Check the news within few weeks. We tryin’ to modify company’s brand and identity to make it more interesting.



2010 is a beautiful year to start something new. We at NoDelay are working so hard to bring you some of the most interesting software, services and community on the Net.┬áPersonally I’m very excited to show what we are doin’ in our Labs.

Check it back later. Stay tuned.

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